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The Angel Investor’s Role

Angels with a depth and breadth of experience can be invaluable to a startup, especially if they have the desire and availability to be involved in the venture. Each angel will bring something different to the table. The challenge for entrepreneurs is to be open enough to listen and gain from the wisdom and insights the angel has to offer.Here are five typical ways an angel may participate in an entrepreneurial investment…

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Negotiating with the Angel Investor

With Angel Investors, nearly everything is a matter of experience and style. Some will negotiate the terms of the deal, while others have a no-negotiation policy. Regardless of the investor’s preference, the goal is to find a mutually acceptable middle ground where both parties can win—or at least can see the upside to involvement in the deal. Anything less has the potential to poison the roots of the deal and potentially any fruit it may ultimately bear.

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How Angels Structure Entrepreneurial Investment

Structuring refers to the form of equity the angel will receive for investment. Some angels do not give structure much thought in the early stages of investment, while others will see it as a highly important detail to be resolved. As with the other steps in investment consideration, each angel will bring his or her unique background and experiences to this step to determine the best structure for their investment needs.  Here are three of the more common equity structures considered…

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How Angels Value Entrepreneurial Investment

Valuation is how an investor estimates the future value of the venture and places a price on his or her possible stake in the company. Some argue the valuation stage is the only time in the investment process that angels indeed consider hard numbers; until this point, and perhaps afterward, many angels lean heavily on emotional and altruistic factors when making investment choices. If you have made it this far in the process, it is important to understand the various approaches an angel might take to valuing the entrepreneurial investment in your company.

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How Angels Evaluate Entrepreneurial Investment

Early stage investing is a time-consuming process for an Angel investor. Every investor develops his or her own criteria to evaluate an entrepreneurial investment. For most, the opportunity must be a match for their interests, background, skills, and abilities. Still, there are some foundational basics. Here are five things an Angel investor is likely to consider…

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How Angels Source Entrepreneurial Investment

Angel Investors have many steps in preparation for investment in entrepreneurial ventures. If you are an entrepreneur searching for early stage funding, it is helpful to consider how an Angel Investor may develop his or her deal flow. This knowledge will help you better identify possible qualified investors who might bring relevant experience to your business and prepare your venture to secure outside investment successfully.

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How to hire a marketing agency

Too often entrepreneurs get in their own way when it comes to marketing. Marketing looks easy from the outside, but it is often a complex machine. When done well, a business can flourish; when done poorly, a company can crash and burn. Choosing the right marketing agency for your business can make all the difference. I should know. I have first-hand experience in both situations.

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5 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. When the economy is soft, and jobs are limited, entrepreneurship is often the best way for a young adult to gain practical experience in their field of choice. To be sure, it can be scary, but so can sitting around waiting for a call to interview for that perfect position. With that in mind, here are five tips for a young entrepreneur planning the first venture. Find your obsession. “Find your obsession” is different from “follow your passion.” Your passion is something you love doing. Your obsession is something you

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