Content Use Policy

Except where noted I own the content on this website, under copyright, as the sole creator. This is true of my slides for classes and workshops, my worksheets and forms, spreadsheets, video, photography, and artwork, among other things.

While I desire to share my thoughts and ideas, I believe in the protections provided by intellectual property laws.  I’m happy to have my content shared and distributed with the following conditions:

Feel Free.

You don’t need to contact me for permission to do any of the following:

  • Create or share a link to my site or to any post on my site with others. I’ve tried to make this easy for you.
  • Extract summaries of 300 words or less and post them to any other website, provided you reference me as the content creator and link to my original post.
  • Print or photocopy my posts for internal distribution within your company or organization, provided you limit the distribution to 10 copies or less.
  • Use my content in any non-commercial publication, without any modification or editing, in a company newsletter, teaching tool, etc., if you include the following attribution at the bottom of the content: “© [Put Current Year Here], David L. Harkins. All rights reserved. Originally published at”

Ask First.

You need to contact me for expressed, written permission to do any of the following, whether or not for commercial purposes:

  • Use or share the content of a class or workshop slides, documents, or spreadsheets, for any purpose other than individual and personal use.
  • Use the content of an entire post, substack newsletter, medium post, or social media post (e.g., Linkedin, Facebook, etc.) anywhere else on the Internet, regardless of purpose.
  • Use any of my content for commercial purposes. I define commercial purposes as “charging anyone or getting consideration of any kind from someone.” Generally speaking, this included selling or licensing my content in any form.
  • Use any photograph I have taken and posted, including that 500px, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, and similar websites.
  • Create derivative content from my content, meaning to alter, transform in some way, or create new, substantially similar content using my work as the foundation.

For those uses I have not covered here, please contact me.

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