She is Gone Poem and Other David Harkins

I’m not that David Harkins.

Although I write and create art, I am not the same artist and writer, David Harkins, who wrote the wonderful poem, She is Gone (also sometimes referred to as He is Gone). I cannot provide any permission to use the poem or any other writings by that David Harkins.

That David Harkins is an artist living in the United Kingdom. You can learn more about him at this Wikipedia page about the poem, or visit his page on I have no other information on him.

Although we share the same name, I am also not these individuals with whom I am sometimes, somehow, confused:

  • David Harkins, another artist living in the United Kingdom
  • David Harkins, Founder/Co-Director, Ozarks Paranormal Society
  • David Harkins, SVP and Wealth Advisor, Merril Lynch Wealth Management
  • David Harkins, President and Chief Investment Officer of UCSF Foundation Investment Company
  • David Harkins, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Chair of Department of Natural Sciences, University of Mobile
  • David Harkins, President of Harkins Contracting

Nor, do I have any connection with Harkins Theaters.



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