These workshops are offered to nonprofit organizations and companies only.

The most effective way to encourage growth within an organization is to provide individuals, executives, leaders, and managers with new tools for their toolbox to help build a better world. My workshops are designed to help individuals learn repeatable frameworks on which they can build future successes.

Using an adult education model in a workshop format, I teach and train individuals how to identify challenges, research solutions, and implement programs that support sustainable innovation and long-term growth.

Each workshop can be customized and delivered either onsite in a classroom setting or virtually.  You can choose from a current workshop, or we will create a custom workshop or training program to meet your specific needs.

Learn more about our current workshops and training programs below by category.

Culture and Change

Making your mission matter to new generations

Workshop duration: 1 day.

In this workshop, I guide you through the demographic and cultural changes that may affect your nonprofit organization’s ability to connect with new donors, members, and recipients of services.

Together we examine your audiences, what’s working and what’s not with your current approach to fundraising and member engagement.

Then, we develop and reshape the current messaging and message delivery strategies to align better with your target audiences.

Creating a mission-focused people-centered culture

Workshop duration: 2 days.


Details coming soon.


Leadership and Innovation

Advancing innovation leadership

Workshop duration: 1 day.

This workshop is focused on senior managers and executives.

We introduce your team to an entrepreneurial-thinking approach that incorporates a systems-based structure to facilitate continuous innovation. 

Rooted in design-thinking principles, we dissect common barriers to innovation within organizations, explore appropriate strategies for overcoming obstacles, and then develop an action plan for ongoing success.

Among other things, participants will learn how to identify biases that prevent change, building blocks for divergent thinking, and leadership skills to enable sustainable innovation within the organization.

Prioritizing people for performance improvement

Workshop duration: 1 day.


Details coming soon.

Social Entrepreneurship and Earned Revenue

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship for nonprofits

Workshop duration: 1, 2 & 3 day options.


As the nonprofit sector continues to evolve and grow, generating new revenue streams beyond traditional giving and sponsorship may be required for sustainability. Social entrepreneurship models have become a solution for many nonprofit organizations looking for ways to build earned revenue models for their operations.


In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn and understand the different models of social entrepreneurship
  • Examine social entrepreneurship through the lens of nonprofits
  • Identify opportunities for earned revenue models within their organization
  • Leave the session with a framework and tools for implementing opportunities for sustainable revenue.

Strategic Change and Strategy

Developing a shared value strategy

Workshop duration: 1, 2 & 3 day options.


In this workshop explore the value and importance of shared value. I start with an introduction to the concept of a shared value strategy, and then we lay the groundwork for the development of this social impact initiative within your company.


We explore the purpose and impact of a shared value strategy on your organization and identify and consider which unmet societal or environmental needs are aligned best with your business.


Next, we discuss how to implement the strategy across all touchpoints in your value chain, define communications strategies, and determine the best way to measure and report the social impact of the initiative. Then, we guide you through creating an action plan to implement your strategy.

Improving volunteer engagement

Workshop duration: 1 day.

This workshop examines volunteer engagement approaches for nonprofit organizations. Together we examine your current approach to volunteer engagement and support.

We review the demographic and cultural changes that may affect your organization’s ability to connect volunteers in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Then, we develop new messaging and engagement approaches that resonate with volunteers and motivate involvement.

Tackling your Wicked Problems

Workshop duration: 2 and 3-day options depending on the topic.


Details coming soon.


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