David Harkins

David Harkins

Dr. David L. Harkins is a social scientist researching the human experience in systems and culture. He is an experienced executive coach and consultant, passionate educator, and keynote speaker. Through his teachings, inspiration, and guidance, he helps individuals and organizations identify and connect with their potential to make a meaningful difference in their communities.

Making your mission matter again

Slides from my workshop session at 2010 NextGen: Charity.

The session focused on the ever-changing culture of the United States and how such changes affect a nonprofit organization’s ability to connect with new donors and reconnect with those lost to time. We specifically look at the disruption of revenue activities caused by demographic and technology shifts (generational needs, values, and expectations, mobile technology use, etc.) then looked at techniques for addressing and leveraging this new information into solid strategies and tactics that build the brand and grow new revenue.

With culture and demographics rapidly changing, how can you be sure your nonprofit mission still has value in a changing world? What can you do to create positive connections with a new generation of donors? This presentation will help you think differently about your next steps.

Contact me directly if you would like more information about this presentation or would like an updated presentation for your organization.


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