Working Life Project Podcast Logo

The Working Life Project is on a mission is to capture and share stories of entrepreneurial life.

I want to learn about the motivations, the worries, the frustrations, the dreams, and the aspirations of small business life. I hope to find those things that make entrepreneurs tick and share those with listeners so that they, too, might learn something new.

My goal is to create greater awareness and understanding of those individuals who power our economy, to develop a “learning community” of sorts where entrepreneurs can learn from each other, and build an archive of entrepreneurial life in the 21st Century.

The Everyday Entrepreneurs time-limited podcast was part of my course work for my graduate degree. The episodes are no longer active and no further episodes will be recorded.  However, this work spawned the Working Life Project Podcast which has a similar mission. To learn more, visit the website at workinglifeproject.com.