Past Speaking Engagements

Past Speaking Engagements

Building Sustainable Revenue Generation for Creative Careers with Licensing. Society for Arts Entrepreneurship Education. Iowa State University, Ames, IA. Workshop. Harkins, D. (2019, October 17).

Mastering the Five Domains of Productivity: How to get your life back. Military Spouse ProjectWilmington, NC. Online Workshop. Harkins, D. (2018, March 15).

Seven Secrets for Successfully Licensing Your Idea. Amazon Inventions Tour. Atlanta, GA. General Session. Harkins, D. (2015, September 26).

Licensing Concepts: Introduction to Licensing for Artists. Savannah College of Art and Design. Savannah, GA. Career Day General Session. Harkins, D. (2015, February 27).

Making Your Mission Matter Again: How to tell a story that connects with today’s culture. West Virginia Society of Association Executives. Daniels, WV. Opening Keynote. Harkins, D. (2014, September 15).

When Things Go Wrong: Best Practices in Licensing.  LIMA Licensing UniversityLas Vegas, NV. General Session. Gordon, N., Harkins, D., McCarthy, K., Reily, S. &  Slicklen, S.  (2014, June 18).

Pivoting Your Business Model. Keen Digital Summit. Nashville, TN. General Session. Harkins, D. & Garciano, D. (2013, October 25).

Empowering possibility: How to rethink the “impossibles” of life. Patti Digh’s Design Your Life Camp. Atlanta, GA. General Session. Harkins, D. (2013, October 5).

How to Be an Everyday Superhero. Boy Scouts of America Licensee Summit. Atlanta, GA. Closing Keynote. Harkins, D. (2013, March).

Doing Business with the Boy Scouts of America: Opportunities for Small Business. FDIC/Tamarack Foundation Small Business Resource Conference. Beckley, WV. General Session. Harkins, D. (2012, November 5).

Identifying & Leveraging a Brand’s Hidden Assets. Licensing Industry Merchandising Association. New York, NY. Webinar. Harkins, D. (2012, September 19).

Help! My Marketing’s Not Working! Now What?! Boy Scouts of America Licensee Summit. La Jolla, CA. General Session.Harkins, D. (2012, March).

The Choice to Make a Difference. Boy Scouts of America Licensee Summit. Louisville, KY. Closing Keynote. Harkins, D. (2011, March).

The Importance of Unlikely Heroes. Boy Scouts of America Licensee Summit. Asheville, NC. Closing Keynote. Harkins, D. (2010, March).

Making Your Mission Matter Again: How a changing culture will impact non-profit organizations. NextGen: Charity. New York, NY. Break-out Session. Harkins, D. (2010, November).

Creating Alternative Revenue Streams for Non-Profit Organizations. Direct Marketing Association Non-Profit Conference. Washington, DC. General Session. Harkins, D. (2005, November 16).

Inside the Customers Mind: A Framework for Building Profitable Customer Relationships. National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM). Long Beach, CA. Workshop. Harkins, D. (2003, July 28).

Marketing Out of the Box: The Future of Marketing. Internet World EssentialsLong Beach, CA. General Session. Harkins, D. (2003, April 17).

Finance, Fundraising, and Technology: Beyond the Bottom Line. National Alzheimer’s Association Finance Directors Meeting. Las Vegas, NV. Keynote. Harkins, D. (2003, April 5).

Improving the Bottom Line: A Case Study in List Management at Microsoft. National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM). Orlando, FL. General Session. Harkins, D., Lacey, T. & Taylor, R. (2002, November).

Developing a Continuity of Contact Program: A Step by Step Approach for Improving Customer (and Prospect) Communication. National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM). Orlando, FL. Workshop. Harkins, D. & Tanton, C. (2002, November).

Database Marketing Basics for Small Business. DuPage College. Chicago, IL. General Session. Harkins, D. (2001, May).

How to Keep Your Job in Marketing. Chicago Area Direct Marketing Association (CADM) Conference. Chicago, IL. General Session. Harkins, D. (2001, March).

The Role of CRM in E-Commerce. E-Commerce Directions Conference. Chicago, IL. General Session. Harkins, D. (2000, November).

Leveraging Database Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations. National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM). Chicago, IL. General Session. Harkins, D. (1999, October).

12-Steps to Effective Database Marketing. National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM). Chicago, IL. Workshop. Harkins, D., Lowman, D., McEachern, C. & Nykamp, M. (1999, November).

The Secret to Effective Data Stewardship. Group 1 Software User Group. Las Vegas, NV. Keynote. Harkins, D. (1999, June).

Enterprise-wide CRM Integration: A Case Study from the Insurance Industry. Marketing Information Systems User Forum. Las Vegas, NV. General Session. Harkins, D. (1999, April).

The Secret to Effective Data Stewardship.  Florida Sterling Quality Conference. Orlando, FL. Workshop. Harkins, D. (1998, May).

The Secret to Effective Data Stewardship. Advanced Software Applications User Conference. Pittsburgh, PA. General Session. Harkins, D. (1998, March).

Successful Segmentation Strategies through Neural Networks: A Case Study from the Insurance Industry. Advanced Software Applications User Conference. Pittsburgh, PA. General Session. Harkins, D. (1997, March).

The Changing Agency Relationships with Media. West Virginia Broadcasters Association Annual Meeting. Charleston, WV. General Session Discussion. Crooks, T., Harkins, D., Perrine, T. (1993, February 1).

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