Executive Coaching

I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate managers to improve skills and abilities as well as tackle specific business challenges. I blur the line between the role of a mentor and a coach to give my clients a more tailored and well-rounded solution for personal and professional development.

My Approach

I work primarily one-on-one with entrepreneurs and business owners.

My work as a mentor helps clients navigate self-identified challenges that are, or might become, barriers to success. For example, we might work through fundamental business challenges, strengthen understanding of business administration and management, or improve leadership skills.

We focus on broader personal and professional areas aiming to strengthen overall individual skills and abilities for long-term personal growth. The emphasis here is on a relationship-centered approach that leverages my experiences to help clients add “more tools to their toolbox” to achieve long-term goals.

When wearing my coach cap, I help clients identify and evaluate specific challenges affecting their business and personal success. We work together to find those things necessary to improve individual performance, and then develop an action plan to get to the next level.

Here we focus on things that are granular in nature to improve the probability of daily success in business. We might assess a new idea or direction for the company, or work through disruptions that are stalling growth, for example. The work might also be on a more personal level such as overcoming time management challenges (distraction and procrastination), bolstering decision-making processes, or strengthening communication skills.

My Process

After an initial kick-off call, our daily work together is through email and Slack, with phone calls every three weeks. We commit to a minimum of six-months together to accomplish the goals you define. The work takes a different shape for each client, depending on the individual client’s goals and objectives.

It’s important to remember that the bulk of the work falls to the client. My role is to provide guidance, consulting, advising, and connections to help achieve the defined goal.

Interested in work together?

Because I only take a few coaching clients at a time, openings at any given time are limited. Sometimes, there’s a short waiting list.

If you’re interested in working with me, reach out here: Connect with me.

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