Certified Professional Coach

Certified Professional Coach

Through the American Public University (APUS) Center for Teaching and Learning, I have acquired the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to effectively coach and mentor people while adhering to a professional code of ethics. The APUS Certified Professional Coach and Mentor (CPCM) program consists of three courses: Coaching and Mentoring I: Foundations of Coaching, Coaching and Mentoring II: Emotional Intelligence (EI) & Assessments, and Coaching and Mentoring III: Coaching Groups & Teams.

The earning criteria: The course requirements included a total of 78-hours of instruction including 30-hours of synchronous, instructor-led webinars; 30-hours of facilitated coaching practice; 15-hours of self-directed training (i.e., videos, audios, reading, and quizzes); and 3-hours of coach-and-be-coached with a certified professional coach.

The coursework for this program is aligned with the International Coach Federation’s Certified Professional Coach competencies and ethics to position the program for internal/external delivery, recognition, and certification/accreditation.

The skills acquired in this program include Adaptive Leadership, Business Coaching, Group Coaching, Team Coaching, Executive Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Life Coaching, and Mentoring.

My specific areas of focus are Executive Coaching, Innovation Leadership, and Strategy Development.

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