Personal Projects

Below is a selected list of personal projects on topics of interest. Some of the projects listed are ongoing; others are no longer actively maintained.

The Human Equation is a Substack newsletter I started to explore what it means to be an individual existing in and navigating multiple sub-cultures and the effect it all has on our greater humanity.

The newsletter is informed and framed by my roles as a human, scholar-practitioner, and assistant professor of Social Entrepreneurship. It is a chronicle of the human experience of systems and culture and their influence and impact on our humanity. Because we’re so involved and engaged in the individuality of our own lives, we can’t always grasp the implications of human agency on humanity. 

Dates active: March 2023 – present


My Project Finder provides a decision tree approach to help generate ideas for Eagle Scout and Venturing Gold projects for members of units within Palmetto Council, BSA. However, anyone looking for project ideas can use the website. I developed it as one of my WoodBadge (SR-1016) ticket items to support youth in the local council, including my son who was beginning work on his Eagle Scout project at the time.

It works by asking a few simple questions about an individual’s key interests, then provides a list of possible project ideas. While there are a good number of project ideas, this list is not exhaustive and the primary goal is to provide fodder for project ideas–not specific projects to undertake.

Dates active: May 2011 – present

Note: This website remains live and active, and I provide regular maintenance. However, I no longer update the project ideas or expand the database.

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