what I do

what I do

I help you shorten the distance between where you are and where you want to be.

I am a map maker, of sorts. My job is to help you reach your intended destination, on your schedule, and using a map drawn just for you. I call on years of hands-on experience to help you create new goals, think through existing plans, map your journey, and make sure you aren’t taking too many unmapped short-cuts on your road to success.

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how I work

how I work

I work with companies and organizations of all sizes. I also coach entrepreneurs and small business owners by phone, email, and sometimes in person.

I offer a number of engagement options, from a single phone call when you need a “sounding board” to long-term consulting projects. I conduct workshops and seminars, and soon will launch self-paced online courses. I sometimes sit on advisory boards.

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what to expect

what to expect

You can expect my best advice, input, and direction based on my experience as it applies to your individual situation. I’ll always tell you what I think, even if it’s not what I think you want to hear.

My objective is to help you reach your goals; your objective should be to focus on the things you must do to get to where you want to be in life. After all, we don’t want to waste your money, or my time.

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  • commercial real estate
  • speaking engagements
  • personal projects

I am a commercial real estate consultant and broker, specializing in retailland acquisition, mixed-use development, and property marketing  services in the Charlotte, NC area.

I work closely with a team of KW Commercial local and national professionals to help meet our client’s needs, including  office, income producing, multi-family, and industrial real estate.

In the residential home market, I work with agents and brokers to help you sell a residential property or find a new home. If you’re looking for assistance in buying or selling a home in the Asheville or Charlotte, NC areas, or anywhere in the United States,  I’ll  use my trusted network to help you identify a Realtor® who’s the best match for specific your needs and expectations.

If you would like more information about commercial real estate or need assistance with real estate matters, please contact me here.

I am affiliated with the KW Commercial Ballantyne Area market center in south Charlotte.


West Virginia Society of Association Executives

Annual Conference
September 15 – 16, 2014 – Daniels, WV

Opening Keynote
“Making Your Mission Matter Again: How to tell a story that connects with today’s culture.”

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Keen Digital Summit

October 25, 2013 – Nashville, TN
“Pivoting Your Business Model.”

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personal projects 1x1.transI’m fascinated with stories of small business and the people behind them. I’m not talking about small business as the government defines them–500 or fewer employees. I’m talking about the mom and pop shops, the guy who has corner garage, or the family who runs the bakery in town. These are the people that keep our local economies going and no one is telling their stories.

With the Working Life Project, my goal is to capture those “living” stories of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners. I want to learn about their motivations, their worries, their frustrations, their dreams, and their aspirations. I hope to find those things that make them tick and share, through words and pictures, their stories on the Working Life Project website.

These stories need to be told.

Will you tell me your story? Click here to get started.

personal projects 1x1.trans personal projects 1x1.trans

personal projects 1x1.trans

My Project Finder provides a decision tree approach to help generate ideas for Eagle Scout and Venturing Gold projects for members of units within Palmetto Council, BSA. However, anyone looking for project ideas can use the website. I developed it as one of my WoodBadge (SR-1016) ticket items to support youth in the local council, including my son who was beginning work on his Eagle Scout project at the time.

It works by asking a few simple questions about an individual’s key interests, then provides a list of possible project ideas. While there are a good number of project ideas, this list is not exhaustive and the primary goal is to provide fodder for project ideas–not specific projects to undertake.