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I’m fascinated with stories of small business and the people behind them. I’m not talking about small business as the government defines them–500 or fewer employees. I’m talking about the mom and pop shops, the guy who has corner garage, or the family who runs the bakery in town. These are the people that keep our local economies going and no one is telling their stories.

With the Working Life Project, my goal is to capture those “living” stories of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners. I want to learn about their motivations, their worries, their frustrations, their dreams, and their aspirations. I hope to find those things that make them tick and share, through words and pictures, their stories on the Working Life Project website.

These stories need to be told.

Will you tell me your story? Click here to get started.

Working Life Project Working Life Project

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My Project Finder provides a decision tree approach to help generate ideas for Eagle Scout and Venturing Gold projects for members of units within Palmetto Council, BSA. However, anyone looking for project ideas can use the website. I developed it as one of my WoodBadge (SR-1016) ticket items to support youth in the local council, including my son who was beginning work on his Eagle Scout project at the time.

It works by asking a few simple questions about an individual’s key interests, then provides a list of possible project ideas. While there are a good number of project ideas, this list is not exhaustive and the primary goal is to provide fodder for project ideas–not specific projects to undertake.